To help you excel as a trainer and facilitator so that you can make an impact on those around you.


What we do?

This is the home of A Trainer’s Journey one of the worlds online training for trainers members sites. We’re here to help you on your journey as a trainer and facilitator and we’ll lead you every step of the way. 

It doesn’t matter if you are about to take your first step as a trainer and facilitator or if you been on your way for some time. We will support you when you need and challenge you appropriately. We have a lot of different resources to help you grow as a trainer and facilitator no matter where in the journey you are. 

This is a place for you to learn how to facilitate learning, strengthen your theoretical knowledge, enhance your skillset and work on your attitude as a trainer and facilitator. While at the same time getting together with other trainer’s and facilitator’s from around the world – inspiring each other, giving and receiving feedback and supporting one another. 

This is where our different paths as trainer’s and facilitator’s meet and we venture on our trainer’s journey together.

This is how we can help you

Short videos

Short videos every other week where we share tips and ideas to better your training and facilitation.  A 10-minute dose of inspiration on how to become even better in your role as a trainer and facilitator. Our videos cover a wide range of topics from theory on learning and training to tips and tricks on how to deal with difficult trainees.  Click the icon to see our videos

Basic courses

Basic training and facilitation courses to get you started excelling in your role. We have a some free basic training and facilitation courses that you are welcome to participate in. Click on the icon to go to courses

Our community

Our online community where you can meet with other trainers and facilitators and get the support you need to excel in your role. Clikc the icon to find our Facebook group


The personal impact was great – we the trainees follow you.


Trainer, participating in a Train the Trainer training

Beautiful visual. You support us, trainees, very well. You create an environment where we can be safe with each other. You are powerful and respectful.


Trainer, participating in a Train the Trainer training

Founder of A Trainer’s Journey and a long time trainer and facilitator. I love facilitating learing processes and I have 15+ years of experiance. My favorite trainings are training trainers and facilitators and I have been delivering trainings for trainers and facilitators since 2010. To enable me to reach more trainers and facilitators, so that I can help them excel in their roles I have founded A Trainer’s Journey.

Want more help to excel as a trainer and facilitator?

We got you covered - join our membership Academy to access

  • Our theory bundle on training and learning so you can build your training on a solid foundation.
  • Our video library on training methods for you to learn and make to your own
  • Our great toolbox with multiple tools for you to use to engage your trainees
  • A great community of trainers and facilitators for you to connect with
  • And so much more:
    Monthly live Q&A session, special members-only training courses, 1 on 1 opportunity….