A Trainer's Journey

A Trainer’s Journey is an online space with the mission to inspire and help trainers and facilitators from around the world to excel in their roles.

We believe that great trainers deliver great pieces of training that add value to the trainees so that they can excel their learnings and put them into action.

Everybody can pass on knowledge or share a best practice but being able to facilitate a learning experience that truly has an impact is more difficult and requires a solid theoretical foundation, an overview of methods and a big toolbox.

All of us who have been in the field for some time have spent endless hours on the internet reading different theories on learning, facilitation and all sort of other topics related to training and facilitation. We have searched for thousands of methods and tools – writing them down in note form by hand promising ourselves that after this training we will type this up properly and put all of the training and facilitation things in order for next time. And once again never gotten around to do it.  Here at A Trainer’s Journey, you will find everything in one place. All the theory that you need, methods on how to create a great training, a big toolbox for engaging trainees and templates to help you stay organized.

Another honest truth is that sometimes you as a trainer and facilitator feel a little alone. Very often we prepare and deliver the training on our own, followed by us reading the evaluation ourselves afterwards. In A Trainer’s Journey members area, you will be part of a great community of trainers and facilitators who all know the feeling and are happy to share and help each other. You can mingle with likeminded trainers and facilitators from around the world giving and receiving the support and feedback that you need to excel as a trainer and facilitator.

We are here to help you excel in your role as a trainer & facilitator.

What people are saying about Siri?

You are serious, you took the training very deep – you showed me how to set boundaries as a trainer. You are very available, sensitive and open to all of us trainees


Trainer, participating in a Train the Trainer training

I felt loved and appreciated. Your sharing of personal stories was powerful. You are a role model and you see through me – you know me better then I do myself


Trainer, participating in a Train the Trainer training

I was touched on multiple levels. You have a direct line into me


Trainer, participating in a Train the Trainer training

Siri's journey

A trainer’s Journey is the result of a long time commitment as a trainer and facilitator with all the joy and frustrations that come along with it. Since I moved from the continent to an island community, I have been considering how I can share my knowledge and experiences as a trainer in a broader context and connect with others who truly enjoy training and facilitating. Living where I do in a small island community with my family fare away from everything limits my options on delivering live train the trainer workshops connecting with other trainers and facilitators getting inspired and being able to give back from all I have learnt.

What started it all…

In autumn of 2002, a friend of mine asked me if I would do a leadership training in a children’s and youth organization. Even though at that time had never delivered a piece of training and barely knew what facilitation was. I said yes – inspired by Pippi’s saying:

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that”

That started my trainer’s journey and it has so far taken me around the world, training hundreds of people on various topics in different settings.

Level up…

After being a trainer and facilitator for only two years, I was given the opportunity to train and facilitate a workshop for other trainers, sharing my experience and tips and tricks on how to create a good training. And I absolutely loved it – I loved the energy, the high expectations and the level of experience. 

In 2008, I felt the need to properly level up and become a certified trainer. I wanted more tools, theories and methods to excel in my role as a trainer and facilitator. Therefore I participated in a Train the Trainer training.

It was horrible….

The training for trainers that I participated in was absolutely horrible – it was an example of how NOT to do it.

There were multiple issues during the training and many things that were not good, but here I will point out three of them:

  • The two trainers did not cooperate
  • Lengthily powerpoint slide show that went on for hours 
  • Complete failure to engage us, the trainees

I and some of the other trainees had training experience and were participating mostly to get more inspiration and get certified as trainers. To us, it was just disappointing and maybe a bit boring. But to those other trainees who were about to begin delivering training, it was catastrophic, because they got no base to build their training on or even worse they would go out into the world and deliver training that was the same kind of training that we had just been through.

This got me thinking…

Following that training, it was clear to me that something had to be done. Because good trainers deliver good pieces of training which equal good learning opportunities for the trainees and unfortunately this also goes the other way around.

A year later I applied to become a trainer’s trainer and after a long application procedure I got accepted into the pool of trainers delivering train the trainer trainings and in 2010 I started delivering training for trainers.

How I wanted to set up my training…

It was and still is of the utmost importance to me to set up a positive learning environment where my trainees feel safe to test out their new learnings together with the group and me. 

Great training is also full of interaction between the trainees and me as a trainer and facilitator. I use different setups, methods and tools to create a trustful environment. To engage my trainees I also use multiple techniques. Two of my favourite ones are sharing my personal experiences and having a playful mindset.

Becoming a great trainer takes two things – learn from others and practices.


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